Of all of Norway’s regions, landmarks and language that have found a place in the common consciousness Telemark is perhaps the most well known.

This is the region of World War II resistance fighters. This is the region were the distinctive and graceful form of skiing bearing its name was invented by Sondre Norheim. And this is the region of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, the closest you come to the South Pole on mainland Europe and the location for many a training exercise for polar expedition teams. The region also has its hidden gems. From a cold war funicular railway built inside its highest mountain, Gaustatoppen, and still in operation today, to the spectacular ice climbing gorge at Rjukan, a town without the sun for six months of the year, if you don’t include that reflected from the giant mirror installed on the valley wall in 2013. Between the idyllic rugged coastline and the wild mountain plateau Telemark’s landscape offers everything from classic alpine V-shaped valleys, enchanting forested hills, multi-pitch climbing on huge granite walls and a myriad of lakes and rivers to explore.

Nearest international airport: Sandefjord Airport, Torp – 2 hours

From Oslo by road: 3 hrs
From Bergen by road: 6 hrs