Summer trip:
Mountain biking


The ascent is finally behind us. We can now enjoy the view. Mountains all around plunging into the fjord, the remains of last winter’s snow stubbornly hanging on creating a surreal colour pallet for midsummer of blue sky, white snow, green mountain and black fjord. We are in the blue right now but this trail looks like we’ll drop straight into the black.  I tighten up the lid, clip in and drop in for the ride of a lifetime

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Summer trip:
Mountain running


Before the roads and the tunnels Norwegians had two choices. Get a boat and go round or get walking and go over. I choose the latter and I choose to run. As I leave the last of the birch forest behind me, the trees give way to mountain heather, the laboured breathing to a satisfying rhythm as lungs and legs agree a pace, and the dappled light of the forest to a ceiling of azure blue ringed by oranges and reds. It’s 11pm, the day won’t end and I’m just getting started.

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