where’s your head at, where’s your head at, where’s your head at?

Right now it’s summer, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, the people are chilling. Your head? It’s probably at the beach already. The heads at Headnorth? Well our heads are at winter. We’ve been putting in the miles literally (1,000 over two days), and metaphorically to make our first winter season the best ever:)

On our last road trip we headed north to meet partners in Sunnmøre and Sogndal and were amazed, yet again, at the potential for adventure in this wild and rugged land. At every swing, and there are a lot of those on Norwegian roads, it seemed there was a perfect ski-touring line, a perfect rafting river, a perfect bouldering stone, a perfect cycle route, a perfect canoeing lake or a picture perfect wooden built hotel anchored to the foot of a mountain so as to not drift off into the fjord.

The trick of course is remembering all these places, as most of them don’t appear in any guidebook. Keep following us while we do all we can to bring these experiences to you.

One unforgettable memory was the sight of four metre high snow banks on the side of the road over Sognefjellsveien, the highest mountain pass in northern Europe, followed 5 minutes later by hundreds of people cross country skiing on the substantial remains of last winter’s snow. Bearing in mind this was the beginning of July, it was finally reassuring to see people swimming in the fjord on the other side of the mountains not 45 minutes later, incidentally wearing not much less than the folks skiing.

With these memories fresh in our minds our heads are suddenly not just at winter 2016 but at summer 2016 too.