If you haven't skied in Norway before, there cannot be a better introduction than the Tajfjord and Sunnmore basecamp from Headnorth. I guarantee that you will fall in love with the place and that you'll want to go back. I am counting the days left already. Alex Font (Spain - UK)

At Headnorth we make Norwegian adventure simple by offering unforgettable all-in trips in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Our aim is simple, we want people to experience Norway; its nature, its culture, its people, and the unique combination of all of these that together make up its DNA.

Our ski touring trips are designed around our Basecamp and Route concepts all led by experienced local mountain guides.


In our Basecamp trips we typically stay at the same hotel and do "summit skiing" day trips to local mountains. We ascend to the summit, ski down again and return to our hotel for a relaxing evening of good food and good company before planning the next day's adventure. We place great emphasis on the off-ski experience being as genuine and locally derived as the on-ski one. That's why we always try to seek out local independent hotels known for their charming atmosphere and excellent cuisine made from the finest local seasonal produce.


In our Route trips we typically travel "point to point" staying at different places each night, sometimes carrying all our gear for the entire trip. Here too we use some incredibly charming and historic hotels known for their design and great cuisine. However due to the nature and location of these trips we sometimes make use of local hostels or ski club mountain cabins. While these are simpler in standard they only add to the truly Norwegian experience. If you really want to get under the skin of the Norwegian people a stay in a mountain cabin is a great place to start..

Where the idea came from

The idea for Headnorth was formed when Brendan, an Englishman from Lancashire met Sissel, a Norwegian girl from Oslo in 2007. Not long after they got together Sissel introduced Brendan to ski touring and it was then that the idea for making Norwegian nature more accessible to foreign adventure tourists began to take shape.

I’ve travelled all my life but never really found a place I could settle in. Norway changed all of that. It is quite simply the most stunning place to visit and the perfect place to ski. After Sissel introduced me to ski touring I knew my winters would never be the same again. Ski touring in Norway is unique, the combination of mountain, fjord, wooden hotels, log cabins, the almost complete absence of other people and if you're very lucky a glimpse of the Northern Lights makes ski touring here really special and I feel privileged to have experienced it. Now I want others to experience it too
Brendan 2015

Many Norwegians are unaware they live in one of the most beautiful corners of the planet. I want others to share in my country. Brendan’s reaction to Norway opened my eyes even more to the unique landscape in the country I grew up in.” 
Sissel 2015

There’s only one way to truly experience nature........Head north.

If you want more information about our trips or just a chat about planning your next Norwegian adventure then contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.